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Learning & Educational Tours

The Jewellery Quarter Past & Present – Learning & Educational Tours

The Quarter’s metamorphisis from an almost totally manufacturing base into a creative village started in the year 2000. The balance of developing a mixed community,whilst retaining the area’s unique jewellery trade, has been a delicate one and there have been many challenges along the way with planning issues at the forefront.

Andy Munro was the Operations Director for the Jewellery Quarter Regeneration Partnership from the outset and,as such,not only has an intimate knowledge of the area  but can illustrate the art(and problems) of actually delivering rather than just explaining the concept.

These Tours are ideal for planning students,teaching staff and those interested in pursuing a career in regeneration.
The usual format is a group booking and a three hour walking tour followed by a discussion and presentation. Costs work out at approximately £20 per student and this also includes an index of useful reference materials for further study.